Presidents Welcome

06 September 2016
By Michael J. Marquez, AIA
Guild Board President

Welcome my fellow Board Members . . .

The USC Architectural Guild is one of the most highly respected organizations in the Southern California business community. This year, the Guild promises to be filled with another round of exciting events from beginning to end. Starting with this retreat, jumping straight into the Golf tournament later this month and culminating with our biggest event of the year, the Annual Dinner in May.

As the President, I promise to make the absolute most of this honor. Throughout the year, I will be presenting my vision and injecting my energy. However, none of it will matter without the complete support and dedication from the School, from the ExCom and especially from you.  Our success will be measure not just by the dollars and cents we bring to the table, but the participation and growth of all of our members as a whole.  How we, as a collective group shape and shift the Guild, will decide our legacy.

As a member of this Board, your job will be to build on the demonstrated success of the past 58 years, looking for ways to improve the future and guarantee the longevity of the Guild.  Every individual and every committee should be focusing on the inner workings of the past, both strengths and weaknesses, examining ways to make it better as we progress.

Wearing this badge is a privilege and it comes with considerable responsibility.  No one will be able to make every meeting or every event, but we will be depending on everyone to give their very best effort.

Finally, besides giving of yourselves, time or money or both for the students, enjoy the Guild for what it also offers, as one of the biggest and best networking machines in Southern California.  Whether developing new business relationships or lasting friendships, enjoy yourself!  Trust me, this year, as in all the previous years, is going to fly by in a heartbeat. For goodness sake, make sure to have some fun along the way!


Michael J. Marquez, AIA