Guild Impact- A Student Perspective

18 May 2017
By: Anran Li
2017 USC Graduate, Bachelors of Architecture

My five-year journey at USC School of Architecture has been an amazing experience. I was fortunate enough to meet tons of intelligent and helpful faculty and peers. Also, as an international student who came to US alone for education, I found my second home in Alpha Rho Chi, a national professional architecture fraternity.  One thing I regret however, is that I did not discover Architectural Guild earlier.

As I entered my third year, I discovered my interests in large scale projects, and I realized that I had a hard time reaching out to the professional world as I did not have much personal connection. Then I came across the Architectural Guild, an organization that aims to provide a bridge between USC architecture students and the professionals. One of the events that had a huge impact on me was career week.  The week starts with series of professional preparation workshops and ends with a grand firm fair. The Architectural Guild also organizes firm visits all year long to create a chance for students to engage with well established professionals.

In addition to the connections I have made through these events, Architectural Guild professionals also helped me with resume/portfolio revisions and interview techniques. With all the help and preparation from Architectural Guild, I successfully landed an amazing internship at Corgan, a firm that specializes in aviation.

My undergraduate study at USC is coming to an end and I am happy to say that I am ready for the whole new adventurous world thanks to the support of the Architectural Guild. I also cannot wait to join the organization as a new professional so we can keep this bridge going for as long as it can be.

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