Engage! with Steinberg Architects

07 October 2016
By: Jessica Tien
USC School of Architecture Alumni ’12

Touring the office, this time at the PacMutual Building in Downtown LA, learning about the firm and several of their projects are always a part of the Engage! program. However, the best takeaway is always what this setting is conducive for – opening up the dialogue.

Principal Kim Patten and Associate John Wirfs shared with us an amazing transformation of Whittier College Science and Learning Center during the presentation, but it was later in the Q&A when they were particularly inspiring with their personal stories on how they came to join their firm. These Trojans both saw leadership opportunities here for younger professionals with room to grow. It was encouraging to know that climbing the ladder may not be as farfetched as I had previously thought, given that I look in the right places.

The Engage! series is a chance to stay engaged (pun intended) with the AEC industry in a relaxed setting where you can make new connections, catch up with old coworkers and classmates, and be offered valuable advice you didn’t even know you needed!




USC Architectural Guild Annual Retreat

16 August 2016

By Michael J. Marquez, AIA
Guild Board President

This past Saturday, the USC School of Architecture Guild board members met at the Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, for our annual summer retreat. The setting and the day were extraordinary. Each year, the Board uses the retreat to reflect and evaluate the performance of the previous year and study ways to better enhance the coming year. As the President of this year’s Board, it was an honor to stand before this collection of dedicated and extremely talented volunteers and support staff.

The amazing location provided us an opportunity for stimulating conversation. We considered a multitude of ideas on how to improve each of our events and how they can better enrich the lives of our students. Much of the discussions were placed on furthering our communication efforts with the students and the Southern California building community as well as setting goals for increased membership.


This year the Board set some extremely challenging goals for increasing our membership by studying ways to reach out the many companies who traditionally participant in our annual events.  For example, the Guild’s Communications Committee will be utilizing social media in ways we’ve never attempted before, including this blog! It should be a blast for some of the “old folks”. Check out our Facebook page, Instagram account and Twitter feed. Find us on Snapchat @uscarchguild as well! Into #s? Try #uscarchguild. It is our hope that the excitement and energy experienced during the retreat will carry through to our audience via these new tools and launch us into another successful school year.

The day concluded with a private reception for past Guild Board members and various other supporters. This year we also invited several new incoming students to join us for the reception, which allowed them a chance to meet us, and for us to meet them. The highlight of the day was a surprise visit by our distinguished University President, Max Nikias. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day!