Mentorship Program 2018 – Site Visit

15 November 2017

By: Chuck Whitaker
Vice President, USC Architectural Guild

The purpose of the USC Architectural Guild Mentor Program is to provide an effective professional mentorship program for USC School of Architecture students to supplement their formal education, to expose students to the “real world” of architecture and other associated design and construction professions, and to assist students in preparing for their professional career after graduation.

Mentors are encouraged to keep in contact with mentees by either inviting mentees to visit a mentor’s office and participate in presentations or to visit construction sites close to the USC campus or to meet for coffee to share mentor experiences in the “real world” and answering questions from mentees or to attend USC Architectural Guild Engage Events.  Assistance to mentees can also be provided by helping students find summer intern jobs that might continue during the school year.

On November 11, a tour for more than 30 USC Architectural students of the new $274 million Banc of California 22,000 seat soccer stadium under construction was provided and narrated by Shelby Jordan of Legends, the construction manager, and Mark Josten of PCL Construction, the general contractor. The soccer stadium will be the home of the new Major League Soccer franchise, the Los Angeles Football Club. See the following photos taken during the construction site tour.






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